SceneSafe Quality

SceneSafe Quality

Our experience focuses on the quality of service delivery drivers governing the supply of forensic products.  

Our primary focus has always been to work closely with customers and individual police forces to develop fit-for-purpose forensic kits for the competent collection, secure packaging and preservation of intelligence and evidential material from the crime scene.

The Forensic Science Regulator has recently introduced a publically available specification, PAS 377:2012 detailing the specification for consumables used in the collection, preservation and processing of material for forensic analysis. SceneSafe welcome the introduction of PAS 377 as we have always understood the importance of using and supplying our customers with forensically clean consumables and we have been conducting stringent quality control regimes for many years.  

Testing is undertaken by accredited laboratories according to strict acceptance criteria.

All significant components in DNA Kits (i.e., those which come into direct contact with evidential material) are sterile, and have been chemically treated with Ethylene Oxide and further batch-tested to ensure that they are classified 'DNA-free'.

All kits are built to a strict quality control procedure, in an appropriately controlled environment. Kits are contained within tamper-evident containers to ensure that their integrity is maintained during storage and transport.

We would be delighted to discuss our quality process in further detail if required and are confident that our combined experience and proven systems will provide you with the ultimate product and quality solution. 


All of our processes are regularly audited to BSEN ISO9001:2008 and BSEN ISO14001:2004 standard. 

A copy of our certification can be viewed below

BSI 9001 certificate

BSI 14001 certificate