Multispectral Contactless Fingerprint Detection

Environment Friendly

  • Fast & contactless fingerprint imagining

  • Does not require finger print powder, chemicals, smoke or respirable dust

  • Secures working environment

Evidence Quality

  • No chance of contaminating or destroying the DNA capability within the latent mark

  • Does not affect or destroy the fingerprint itself allowing the untouched latent mark to be used for DNA analyses


  • Completely mobile due to high powered batteries

  • Easy to handle, lightweight device

  • The flexibility of taking the lab to the scene, not the scene to the lab


  • 0°-85° Multispectral Spot Lightingfunction

  • Internal White/UV1/Blue/Cyan/ Green/RedNarrowbandLedgroupsandonetouch Led group switch

  • Darkroom feature for external lightsystems

  • Records images without using external lights between 95°-170° (oblique lighting), without being affected byoutside light

Multispectral Full Functional Light System

  • White Light Group

  • UV Light Group    

  • Blue Light Group

  • Cyan Light Group

  • Green Light Group

  • Red Light Group

Changeable 3 Position Filter System

For image sharpness:

  • Yellow optical coating filter

  • Orange optical coating filter

  • Red optical coating filter & optional specific filters


Designed for Reflective Fingerprint and Handprint imaging


  • 4 Different Narrow Band Led Groups for high coaxialimaging

  • Easy switching between the LED light groups with controlbuttons

  • No additional user calibration required

  • The power and intensity of the LED lightgroups


  • 24MP CMOS sensor & capable of RAW imaging

  • Image Recording Size: 24MP: 6000x4000 resolution, 12MP: 4320x2880 resolution, 6MP: 2880x1920 resolution, 4MP: 2304x1536 resolution and 0.3MP: 720x480 resolution.  5 different resolutions

  • Fully Operational one touch Auto focus

  • Monochrome & Color Imaging

  • 45cm close range imaging

  • TF card support for easy data transfer

Unreflecting Light System

  • White Light Group

  • Blue Light Group

  • Green Light Group

  • Red Light Group


  • 20,000mAh plug-in high-capacity lithium battery

  • Non-stop real mobility. uptime to 8 hour

  • Fast-charging Type-C input

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