Bomb Scene Management

Bomb Scene Management


A highly practical course delivered by UK vocational experts designed for crime scene practitioners, operational managers , scientists and EOD personnel who attend or supervise attendance at the scene of an explosion in order to conduct an investigation of the scene. Most value is achieved by those who have previously received forensic awareness
and crime scene management training.

Course Modules:

• Bomb Scene Investigation – Context Overview and Case Studies
• IED Safety – Explosive Recognition
• Threat – Terrorist Use of IEDs
• IED Construction and function
• Bomb Scene Management Overview – Roles and Objectives
• Power of Explosives
• The Initial Response – RVPs and Secondary Threats, Cordons, EOD Co-ordination and handovers, Interagency co-operation
• Risk Assessment – Scene Safety and Evidential Preservation
• Scene Assessment – Action Planning, Zoning, Photos and plans
• Methods of Search – Full, Rapid and Quick Wins
• Priority Actions – Body Recovery and Explosive Traces (Presumptive and evidential sampling)
• Recovery of Evidence – Types, Packaging, Safety, Briefing Search Teams, Bomb Crater Examination
• Post Blast Component Parts – Assessment and Recognition
• Blast Assessment – Explosive type, amount and TTP assessment
• BSM Report Construction
• Post Scene Drills
• End Exercises – Small, Medium, Large IED Events and Complex Attacks

Instructor to Student Ratio:

1:5 (min 2 Instructors) Ratio is based on high ratio of practical application and 1:1 mentoring

Course duration:

10 – 15 Days Subject to depth and language of delivery


UK or Customer Overseas Location as required

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