Fingerprints Foundation

Fingerprints Foundation


A highly practical course delivered by UK vocational experts deisgned for investigators, crime scene technicians, forensic technicians and others involved in criminal and medico-legal investigation to develop a fundamental knowledge of fingerprint development recovery and the practical application of the discipline in casework.

Course Modules:

• History of fingerprinting
• Life cycle of fingerprint creation from womb to post mortem
• Theory behind fingerprint pattern recognition and the identification of an individual
• Taking of an evidentially useable set of inked fingerprints - living and deceased
• Scene assessment, development, capture and lifting of fingermarks - use of powders
• Basic fingerprint comparison using both fingerprint forms and crime-scene marks
• Establishing the correct development and enhancement methods for recovering latent fingerprints from a given surface or item -treatment types
• Fluorescent light sources for scene and item examination
• Basic photography of developed fingerprints

Modular Approach:

Crime scene investigation will involve a series of activities which are both general and specialist focused skill areas. The Programme covers a range of modules which aim to establish the skills and advanced techniques required to successfully investigate crime scenes.

Instructor to Student Ratio:

1:5 (min 2 Instructors)

Course Duration:

20 - 30 Days (based on full course with final assessment exercises) Subject to depth and language of delivery


UK or customer overseas location as required

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