Crime Scene Photography

Crime Scene Photography


A highly practical course delivered by UK vocational experts designed for crime scene practitioners, scientists and EOD personnel who attend or manage crime scenes in order to conduct an investigation. Most value is achieved by those who have previously received forensic awareness and crime scene management training.

Course Modules:

Crime Scene Photography
• Crime scene management awareness
• Scene risk assessment and mitigation
• Contamination mitigation
• Digital SLR camera familiarisation and use of automatic settings
• Manual settings – exposure and depth of field
• Use of light, flash photography and limited lighting conditions
• Photographing scenes – techniques and procedures
• Composition, macro and super macro photography
• Record photography
Crime Scene Video Recording
• Digital video camera familiarisation
• Use of automatic and manual settings
• Sound and commentary
• Videoing scenes – techniques and procedures
• Use of light and limited lighting conditions
• Continuity, integrity, recording, editing and presentation of evidence
3D Scene Modelling
• Introduction to 3D modelling – options and techniques
• Use of software modelling tools
• Crime scene reconstruction and 3D visualisation

Instructor to Student Ratio:

1:5 (min 2 Instructors)Ratio is based on high ratio of practical application and 1:1 mentoring

Course duration:

10 – 15 Days Subject to depth and language of delivery


UK or customer overseas location as required

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