Crime Scene Investigation

Crime Scene Investigation


A course delivered by UK vocational experts designed for investigators, crime scene technicians, forensic technicians and others involved in criminal and medico-legal investigations to develop a fundamental knowledge of Basic Evidence Recovery and the practical application of the discipline in casework.

Course Modules:

• Forensic awareness and contamination theory
• Principles of crime scene management
• Preservation, packaging, continuity and records
• Crime scene assessment, scene health and safety, risk assessment and mitigation
• Crime scene control, cordons, personnel and access management
• Crime scene recording and decision logs
• Crime scene record photography and scene video capture
• Crime scene examination process, PPE, zones, search patterns and approach paths
• Identifying evidence, contact trace recovery methods – DNA, fibres, residues, blood
• Latent fingermark theory, field development techniques, fingerprint lifting and photographic capture
• Toolmark and physical fit/manufacture mark theory, field recovery techniques and photographic capture
• Shoemark theory, field recovery techniques and photographic capture
• Ballistic theory, shooting scenes and evidential recovery
• Homicide scene management, deceased victim recovery and post mortem processes
• Crime scene resource management, specialist resources, briefing and de-briefing
• Crime scene reports, post examination procedures, evidence assessment , prioritisation and laboratory co-ordination/submission

Modular Approach:

Crime scene investigation will involve a series of activities which are both general and specialist focused skill areas. The Programme covers a range of modules which aim to establish the skills and advanced techniques required to successfully investigate crime scenes.

Instructor to Student Ratio:

1:5 (min 2 Instructors) Ratio is based on high ratio of practical application and 1:1 mentoring

Course duration:

25 – 40 Days (Based on Full Course with final assessment exercises) Subject to depth and language of delivery


UK or Customer Overseas Location as required

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