Biological Safety Cabinets

Biological Safety Cabinets

The SceneSafe BIO is designed to protect individuals, the environment, and products from a variety of biological particulates. Serving as the primary barrier in life science research and experimentation.


Features of our BIO systems:

Class II Type A2 - biosafety cabinet, the SceneSafe BIO minimises and contains Biosafety Level 1-3 agents

Maintaining negative pressure - inside the cabinet during operation to prevent contaminants from escaping the work area.

HEPA filtration - scours 70% of the incoming room air to protect the products, while the remaining 30% of the exhausted air is filtered by a second HEPA filter.

SceneSafe BIO cabinets - provide ample workspace with environmentally sound operation and low energy consumption.


K5029 – 1430 x 887 x 1630mm


We also have the ability to offer a custom made solution designed by our in-house technical team. Contact a member of our sales team to explore this option

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