ECO Fume Hoods

ECO Fume Hoods

The Eco-friendly Choice Advanced carbon filtration technology offers a safe, high performance alternative to ducted cabinets for cyanoacrylate fingerprint development applications.


Features of our fuming systems:

Multiplex™ filtration system -  together with professional design and unique construction features offer personnel protection during use.

Ductless filtration system - requires no connection to an outside exhaust system.

Automatic control system - programs the fuming cycle.


Internal Dimensions of our standard units:

K5020 – 762 x 711 x 1346mm

K5021 – 990 x 711 x 1346mm

K5022 – 1244 x 711 x 1346mm

(more detailed product pages available soon)

We also have the ability to offer a custom made solution designed by our in-house technical team. Contact a member of our sales team to explore this option.

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