Duplex Drying Cabinets

Duplex Drying Cabinets

Because cross-contamination can occur when drying blood-stained or wet evidence on examination tables, on a floor, in a jail cell, shower stall, closet, evidence room or in the trunk of a patrol car, loss of trace evidence and lack of evidence security can compromise a case. The SceneSafe series of drying and storage cabinets provide a secure, tamper-resistant area for drying and storing clothing, bed sheets, blankets, towels or other items collected from homicide and sexual assault cases.

The cabinet floor may be lined with a kraft paper sheet  or an optional evidence collection tray to catch trace evidence such as  hair or fibres that may fall off the substrate. Optional self-locking evidence security tags provide tamper resistant “locks” to keep contents secure during drying, maintaining and documenting the chain of custody and reducing defence challenges to  evidence handling. The Multiplex filtration system prevents cross-contamination and fully protects the operator from the hazards associated with the evidence.


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K5033 –1219 x 705x 1890mm

K5034 – 1524 x 705 x 1890mm

K5035 – 1829 x 705 x 1890mm

K5036 – 2438 x 705 x 1890mm

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