Portable Fume Chamber

Portable Fume Chamber

The SceneSafe portable fuming chamber provides containment solutions to meet any analytical need. The Flex glove bag provides numerous performance advantages over the competition, including:

Features of our fuming systems:

More Volume:  Flex Film Isolator features an innovative curved film design that provides more working volume than any other glove bag on the market.
Versatile Tapered: Sleeve / Glove Options. Unlike other glove bags, the double O-ring design on the standard polyure- thane cuffs allow users to quickly and easily change gloves to meet a variety of dexterity needs.
Easy Setup: Semi-rigid support rods make it easy to setup up and provide increased stability, even if the bag is not inflated to full pressure.
Safety Options: HEPA filter availability, Bag-in / Bag-out Port, and optional Nitrogen purge inlet connections offer the reliability and safety today’s analysts need.

Potenial Solutions: Portable usage for on scene examination. Mobile Crime Laboratory - speak to our sales team about deployable lab solutions.


K5049 - 600 x 625 x 600mm

We also have the ability to offer a custom made solution designed by our in-house technical team. Contact a member of our sales team to explore this option.

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