ARV Freestanding Fuming Chamber

ARV Freestanding Fuming Chamber

The All Round View (ARV) is part of the trusted SceneSafe line of automatic fuming chambers. The SceneSafe 360 is used to develop latent prints from non-porous surfaces in a controlled and safe environment.

The SceneSafe 360 is available in several sizes, starting at small bench top units through to larger walk-in chambers.

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Features of our fuming systems:

Tamper resistant compartment - helps maintain the chain of custody.

Multiplex™ filtration system -  together with professional design and unique construction features offer personnel protection during use.

Ductless filtration system - requires no connection to an outside exhaust system.

Automatic control system - programs the fuming cycle.

Hanging system - rods and shelves allows proper positioning of items of evidence in the chamber.


Internal Dimensions of our standard units

K5010 –  610 x 635 x 762mm

K5011 – 1838 x 864 x 1778mm

K5012 – 1524 x 737 x 2210mm

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We also have the ability to offer a custom made solution designed by our in-house technical team. Contact a member of our sales team to explore this option.

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