Portable Fuming System

Portable Fuming System

The PFC (Portable Fuming Chamber) is used to develop latent prints from non-porous surfaces in a controlled and safe environment. Cyanoacrylate is placed inside the portable chamber. Starting the cycle triggers the automated system to control the hotplate, humidity, internal circulation fan, and purge cycle.


The Cyanoacrylate vapors are filtered by a special carbon filter. This ensures that no dangerous substances are exhausted in to the atmosphere. Its ductless construction also allows the unit to be easily moved and transported.


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Our kit is a fully operational portable fuming system. It is designed to fume a larger area using the fuming tent provided.

The fuming tent is a black out tent and can be used with crime light kit to enhance the fingerprint identified after fuming has been completed.


We also offer a number of optional extras to complete the fume system these include:

·         PPE Modules for personnel health and safety and evidential integrity

·         Chemical enhance for developing latent prints recovered after fuming

·         Visual Inspection equipment including fluorescent light source

·         Crime Scene photography kit

·         Fingerprint recovery items including lifting material and evidence storage


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