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NEW Products for 2017

NEW for 2017

We have some new products for 2016 with focus on CSI work solutions and reduction in foreign DNA contamination inline with ISO 18385

RF TENT - A 4G digital radio shielding tent to carry out digital evidence examination in a mobile environment or at a lab.

Disposable CSI Tent - Forensic DNA Grade EtO Treated to ISO18385 standards

Universal Container - Evidence collection for all mobile phones / drinks cans / bottles - 1 size fits all - Easy lock

AVET - Digital Witness Recording Device

Scan Tablet - Fingerprint Imaging made simple

CSI Vehicle - Developed for todays ISO standards for an easy clean forensic working environment

Forensic Triage Unit - Mobile Forensic Unit to process evidence found at a terrorism situation. Working in a controlled environment with all the latest in forensic examination equipment.

For more information on any of the above please contact a member of sales team who can provide further detail.

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