Humanitarian aid takes many forms from the boxing day Tsumami to a recent airplane disaster. How a country responds is critical to the sucessful outcome to any disaster and offering a rapid deployable resource allows such a response.


We have developed a range of containerized systems which are tailored to any given situation in many environments. Our engineer team design each system in accordance with the client brief. This allows a truly custom made solution to fit in with the response needed.


From a forensic solution, one of the main factors in any disaster is the identification of the casualties in a timely response. Our unique DVI products incorporate ease of use with environmental strength to combat heat, degradation and transport of samples. Providing all vital equipment and when incorporated into a work base station it allows a total solution in a box to be distributed where needed by either helicopter or vehicle.


Emergency preparedness is vital to combat any threat whether it be environmental, terror or major incident. We can provide consultancy emergency planning as well provide the equipment and training needed to provide a full tailored service.

Flood Response System

Counter Terror Response

Post Blast Investigation Response

Disaster Victim Identification

Earthquake / Tsunami Response

Major Medical Pandemic

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