SceneSafe have developed their forensic portfolio introducing specialist forensic vehicles for mobile crime scene investigation. We understand that the needs of the individual client are unique to the operational objectives and as such we tailor the design through a consultative approach.

Our support and commitment to forensic development is key to our ability to respond to a fast moving and innovative industry sector.

Addresses crossed contamination: 


  • Allows DNA retrieval

  • Allows fingerprinting chemical development

  • Externally isolated utilities (water / power)

  • Enables onsite processing

  • Supplied with forensic DNA grade consumables

  • Secures evidence within target location

  • Access to the lab only available via attached gowning tent

  • Rooftop storage for larger scene management equipment

Maintaining a clean environment:

Key to a forensic process is the ability to maintain a forensically clean environment. This was fundamental to the design process and has been crucial to the development of on scene processing with SceneSafe.

  • Creating a sealed lab area removing the risk of introduced contaminants.

  • Enabling a forensic cleaning process.

  • Removing the need to take scene kit to and from the scene repeatedly.

  • Modular approach to evidence packaging.

Built-in Sink

Offering both fresh water entry / grey water exit directly into utilities area. Essential for chemical treatments. Hot & cold running system for hygiene & chemical enhancement



Completely isolated away from the main lab this area is only accessible via the sliding side door. This ensures all grey water is removed and stored preventing any chance of contamination in the lab area



Copy stand set into the worktop providing a solid platform to capture evidential photographic images. Scan tablet kit positioned adjacent allows image capture via scanning / laptop

Cyanoacrylate Development

A benchtop fuming chamber is secured to the stainless steel worktop. This ductless system prevents any harmful chemical escape and using advanced industry approved filtering removes any risk of carrying out fuming in a restricted space

External Gowning Tent

To maintain a clean lab environment we required a double door entry system. This has been achieved by integrating a tent into the vehicle allowing users to wear correct PPE prior to entry. All PPE is provided in drop down frames so they correct size items can be selected


Evidence Storage

Once evidence has been processed and packaged it can be transferred to the dedicated storage cage. This will restrict movement and ensure all evidence is correctly recorded in / out of the vehicle. Made with steel frame and Perspex side paneling it allows rigidity and observation

Stainless Steel Bench

Each worktop on either side is a stainless steel bench worktop. Easy to clean and durable

Chemical Fume Box

To enable chemical enhancement in a safe and controlled process we have integrated a fume extractor box using the same filtration method as traditional fuming chambers

Fingerprint Development

At the front section of the lab is the fingerprint print development oven. This enables full chemical treatment for fingerprint development using DFO

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