4k latent fingerprint detection

Portable Terminal

  • Windows Operating System 

  • 10'' FullHD Touch Screen 

  • Lightweight aluminum body

  • TIF card support 

  • Min.5.000mAh Battery 

  • Wifi

Imaging System

  • 16.3 MP, 4K Display Feature UV (UVA-UVB-UVC) /VIS/IR 

  • Camera Spectral Range 200 - 1100nm ±20nm 

  • Camera Sensor Number of Effective Pixels: 4655x3515: 16.362.325 (pixels) 

  • Camera Live Image :1920x1080 

  • Full HD Picture Size mininum: 4640x3506: 16.267.840 (pixels), 46.5MB (48.803.574 Bayt) 

  • 4640x3506 resolution BMP and RAW Picture 

  • 1920x1080 Full HD MP4 and RAW Video recording 

  • 30mm F3.5 UV lens (Transmission Wavelenght (180 nm-1200nm) 

  • 4cm to infinity focus 

  • Aparture: f /3.5 

  • Digital Zoom Function which works with software

Operating System gives below functions

  • Real Time UV(UVA-UVB-UVC)/ VIS / IR Imaging 

  • RAW or MP4 Video Recording 

  • RAW or BMP Imaging 

  • Quick Photo Click button 

  • Real-time image swipe feature (Auto swipe on white fingerprints from the black background to the white background) 

  • Advanced Case and Patient information search and archive platform 

  • Image archive platform 

  • Date assignment on images 

  • Zooming on live image for detailed review 

  • Image enhancement features

  • Convert and save recorded video and images in RAW format and export them.

  • Ability to record videos recorded in RAW format in built-in software and save the photo in RAW format as a new photo. 

  • Detailed Reporting Feature 

  • Transfers detailed reports or images via USB or TIF card

Professional Special Light Filter

  • Standart Ring Filters for 4K PRO: 4 different Filter 

  • Optional Ring Filters For 4K PRO: 18 different Band Pass Filters

  • Total: 22 Different Band Pass Filter Options

Multispectral Changeable Multispectral Light Lenses Groups

1. UVC Light Group
2. UV-IN Light Group 
3. UV-OUT Light Group 
4. UV-Pw Light Group 
5. Blue Light Group 
6. Green Light Group 
7. Infrared Light Group

Hand Light (Optional)

  • 6W 254nm Light 

  • UV Light Group Spot Light

Battery Power Source

  • Instant Replaceable Battery Power Center 

  • 13.400 mAh high-capacity lithium battery

  • Non-stop real mobility, light and lens uptime to 4.5 hours and tablet uptime 2.5 hours***

  • Fast-charging Type-C input.

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